(Work in progress)

Self Help

Tom Peters – The Little BIG Things – keep on your bedside table

Seth Godin – We Are All Weird – Lovely

Derek Sivers – Anything You Want – A fresh perspective on life

Jim Collins – Good To Great – Study on greatness of companies and how big ego’s undermine a company’s long term success. Humility!

Victor Hwang and Greg HoroWitt – The Rainforest – Study on best practices for creating innovative environments where ideas can flourish

Tom Peters – The Pursuit of Wow!

About computing and math

Gerrit Krol – Het Gemillimeterde Hoofd – dutch modern classic, extremely undervaluated

Douglas Coupland – jPod; and here – Generation X 2.0

Douglas Coupland – Kitten Clone; and here – beautiful book

Sydney Padua – The Thrilling adventures of Lovelace and Babbage; and here – superb and different from anythng you’ve read before


About music

Greil Marcus – Stranded; post – milestone



Tucker Max – Sloppy Seconds – sloppy book

Henneke Duistermaat – How To Write Seductive Web Copy – concise, helpful

Tim Kreider – We Learn Nothing; and here – Surprising, confusing, nothing liek you’ve read before