Maartje Bos

Maartje Bos is a Dutch artist. She lives in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

Bos makes minimanist sculptures, of stylized, seemingly simple forms and colors that radiate tranquility and balance.
Her sculptures are made from colored acrylic resin cast in molda of silicone.

La Princesse X – Brancusi
Equilibrium – Maartje Bos

With the series the Cock collection, Maartje Bos wants to express a masculine side from a femine perspective. The results are surprising fallistic forms, lovingly expressed in simple shape and soft colors.

Where her example Brancusi worked with natural colors of gold, wood, clay and stone, Maartje Bos uses modern materials and techniques of acrylics and polyesther. Brancusi’s stylized forms are reflected in a contemporary form in the sculptures of Maartje Bos. Even specific ideas such as Brancusi’s La Princesse X, Maartje has been able to translate in aunique way into her Cocks collection.