The highline by Sternfeld and Oudolf

I am a little bit into gardening these days. The guy helping us is also a photographer (and he likes The Velvet Underground).

We talked about how we liked wild flowers in the garden. He referred to Piet Oudolf, who I found out is a very famous Dutch garden designer. I had never heard of him.

We talked more. The gardener told me to look at Oudolf’s High Line project in New York. For the abandoned High Line, Oudolf designed a ” wild” garden with a natural look.

This reminded me again of the photographer Joel Sternfeld, who in 2000 made wonderful pictures of the High Line. His pictures were influential in the decision to repurpose the High Line after it was abandoned and turn it into a park. The park for which Oudolf was a co-designer.

Looking East on 30th Street on a Morning in May, 2000

Here’s Sternfeld talking about his work in 2000.

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